The following Telematics Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with our Insure OK Terms of Business, our Privacy Policy and your insurer’s policy wording, Key Facts/policy summary, schedule and statement of facts.

Your driving score and how it affects your premium

Once installed, the Insure OK box will begin transmitting data regarding the driving behaviours of you or anyone else who drives your car. This data will be used to calculate your driving score and is based on:
  • the speed at which you drive;
  • how quickly you accelerate;
  • how hard you brake;
  • how quickly you corner;
  • when and where you drive;
  • the duration and frequency of your trips

Adhering to road speed limits, accelerating and braking smoothly and gradually will positively impact your driving score, and may result in a reduced premium and refunds being due to you. Conversely Driving above the speed limit, accelerating rapidly or braking hard will negatively impact your driving score, which in turn may result in increased premiums being charged.  There is a direct correlation between low driving scores and the risk of being involved in an incident and making a claim, therefore low driving scores will attract a higher premium.
You will be able to monitor your overall driving score and the scores for each of the above criteria on your customer dashboard. The dashboard will be updated daily with your most recent journeys. You must log in to your dashboard regularly to ensure that you are driving safely.  
After the first 90 days of your policy term, we will review your driving score and the risk you present to the insurer. If the driving score is in the red and showing a minus number at the quarterly review point, then this will incur an additional premium.  The maximum amount you could pay at each quarterly review point will be £150.  If you have a higher driving score and your score is 7 or above at each quarterly review point, you could receive a refund of up to £50.
If you paid for your premium in full, we will collect or refund any adjustment in premium from the card account agreed at the outset. If you took premium finance and pay for your policy by monthly instalments then any adjustment in premium will be passed to the finance provider, Premium Credit Limited, and they will add/deduct this from your outstanding balance. Your finance provider will then contact you advising what your revised monthly payments will be. Where any premium changes occur, we will notify you by e-mail 7 days before this is processed.
We will continue to review your driving score every 90 days and we will contact you should any further pro-rata premium changes become due. For your last review at day 360, any return premium that becomes due will be used towards your renewal premium with us. Unfortunately, there is no cash alternative to this option and if you do not renew your policy with us, we will be unable to provide a refund for the last review.

Extreme speeding events

All speeding will adversely impact your driving score and therefore could increase your premium. However, extreme speeding events may result in cancellation of your policy.
An extreme event is defined as an event where the road speed limit has been exceeded by 50% or more, i.e.
45mph in a 30mph zone
90mph in a 60mph zone
On a road with a speed limit of 70mph, an extreme speeding event is defined as driving at 100mph or more
You will be notified if there has been an extreme speeding event by email. If you incur three extreme speeding events within any policy term you will be given seven days’ notice of your policy being cancelled.  


It is important that the annual mileage you declare at the inception of the policy is accurate.  The Insure OK box will collect data about how many miles you drive within the policy year.  If you exceed the declared annual mileage, we will contact you and ask you to buy ‘top up miles’ to cover your mileage expectation for the rest of the policy year.  Additional ‘top up miles’ are currently charged at 10p per mile.  If you fail to purchase additional miles when required then your insurance policy will be cancelled subject to seven days’ notice.

Insure OK Box installation, engineer appointments and conditions

It is a requirement of this insurance that you have a fully operational Insure OK box installed in your vehicle.  The Insure OK box will be fitted by our approved installation engineers who are fully trained to appropriate industry standards.
It is your responsibility to ensure that any other party who has an interest in the ownership of your car (e.g. a hire purchase or leasing company) has agreed that the Insure OK box can be installed before it is fitted. Insure OK will charge a fee for installing the Insure OK box and any subsequent box if you change your vehicle. This fee is specified in the Fees and Charges section of our Terms of Business.

An Insure OK box must be fitted within 14 days of the commencement of the policy and within 14 days of any subsequent change of vehicle under the policy. Failure to arrange an installation appointment by day 7 will result in a 7 day cancellation notice being issued. If the box has not been installed during this period the policy will be cancelled on day 15. To rearrange your appointment, contact 01675624045

If you fail to attend any engineer appointment, or you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, Insure OK reserve the right to charge a Missed Appointment fee, as noted in our Terms of Business. If you have declared any No Claims Bonus/Discount then you must provide the approved installation engineer with proof of this at the time of the Box installation the installation engineer will photograph your car at the time of installation, any undisclosed modifications shown may result in an additional premium being charged  or even cancellation of your policy.

The transmission and receipt of data is dependent upon mobile telecommunications services and these services may be interrupted, circumvented or compromised for reasons beyond our control. If transmission of data is affected in the manner described in this paragraph, this does not necessarily mean the Insure OK Box is defective. If you have reason to believe that there are issues with data recorded or functioning of the Box please contact us on 01527 758045. An engineer appointment may be required to check the Box.

Removal or replacement of the Insure OK box

If the policy is cancelled (or you replace your vehicle) Insure OK will cease to collect data and the old Box data feed will be deactivated. However, Insure OK will not remove the box from your vehicle and in the event of a sale you are obliged to tell the new owner that a telematics device is fitted to it. You should not attempt to remove the box yourself. If you wish to have the box removed, please contact Insure OK and they can arrange this for you, subject to the Box Removal Fee detailed in the Fees and Charges section of our Terms of Business.


You must not, nor must you permit any other person to tamper in any way with the Insure OK Box or signal. The Insure OK box has tamper controls and attack safe guards. If these are triggered we may require an engineer to attend. Tampering with the Box or its signal is a breach of the policy conditions and will result in your policy being cancelled subject to seven days’ notice.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

As the Insure OK Box tracks the location of your car, it may be possible to use this to recover your car if it’s stolen. If you discover that your car has been stolen, you must first contact the police and obtain a crime reference number as they require key holder verification of any theft. You then need to call our 24-hour Claims Helpline on 01527 435647. We will verify your policy details and explain the Stolen Vehicle Recovery procedure. We will try to establish the vehicle’s whereabouts and liaise with the police to recover it. Please note that the ability to recover your car is not guaranteed as it depends on the ability to track the signal and pinpoint its position.