Insure OK are part of Fresh Insurance Services Group.  Fresh began in 2002 and have grown to insure almost 80,000 customers for their homes, cars, vans, taxis and young drivers using telematics.  We have two offices in Redditch and Bracknell and almost 250 staff looking after our customers. 

Winning numerous awards along the way, we are proud to be experts in telematics and we spend our time delivering you, the driver, cheaper premiums based on being a safe driver.  We believe this is fairer for you, allowing you to pay for how you drive as an individual.  Having an Insure OK box fitted also means that we can help you out should you have a claim or your car is stolen.  

These policies have traditionally only been accessible for young drivers, however we’ve used our experience to open this up to drivers who may have previous claims, convictions and find it difficult to find insurance or find it uncompetitive.